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Denver Restaurant Week: Enjoy and still lose weight

Congratulations!  You've been going to fitness bootcamp two to four times a week.  You feel energized.  You can do more push-ups than you did last week.  You can't wait to show your trainer what you can do next week, because you've been practicing all your moves at home.  

Denver Restaurant Week never disappoints.
AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa

Now it's "Denver Restaurant Week"!  Time to eat out and enjoy as many restaurants on your wishlist, right? 

Do you really believe you can eat or drink anything you want and still lose weight?  Most of us have great intentions when it comes to healthier eating, but still do not understand the difference between a portion and serving size.  Understand that a restaurant portion rarely equates to a serving size.  

As you indulge during Restaurant Week, remember these tips and your workouts will not be in vain:

  • Make healthy choices.
  • Share a meal.
  • Ask for extra vegetables, less starch.
  • Opt for grilled rather than fried.
  • Learn what foods to eat to lose weight.

Most importantly, eat slow enough to enjoy your meal, the ambiance, and your company.


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