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Denver ranks 4th in telecommuting survey

Denver ranked 4th in telecommuting study
Denver ranked 4th in telecommuting study
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A study commissioned by Microsoft Corporation found Denver ranked fourth out of all medium and large cites for telecommuters.

According to the study found on Microsoft's website, 70 percent of the workers polled in Denver have laptops provided by their employers to work from home. With 76 percent indicating a preference to work remotely, employees cite motivators including balancing work/home life priorities and avoiding traffic.

On a national level, the survey states:

  • According to employees, less than 50 percent of employers are supportive of remote working arrangements.
  • While many companies offer technology for remote working, most do not have a remote working policy.
  • Employees overwhelmingly prefer to work from home, away from an office environment.
  • Employees who take advantage of a remote working policy report many benefits including work/home life balance, avoiding commutes and saving gas.
  • Over 50 percent of employees say they are more productive working at home then when they are working at the office.
  • Colleagues are more supportive of remote working than managers.
  • Colleagues pet peeves about remote workers are lack of communication.
  • The survey finds that remote workers conduct business in unusual places; family vacations, bathrooms, funerals and while camping.

The study was conducted among 3,600 employees in 36 U.S. cities. Boston was cited as the friendliest city for telecommuters.


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