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Denver radio host states for some strange reason that all racists are atheists

A conservative talk show host in the Denver area, while discussing the Donald Sterling racism scandal, stated that all racists must be atheists. To be clear, he didn't state all atheists were racists, just all racists were atheists.

Wow. In his mind once you believe in a god, you can't be a racist. He didn't even say once you become a Christian, but just when you believe in a god.

He wondered why atheists got upset or annoyed. (By the way, if you offend atheists they will send you a polite letter stating why your arguments are wrong, nobody is afraid of atheists rioting in the streets).

Well, a couple of reasons. It is the association of atheists with racism. Atheists are called cowards (the tired lie of no atheists in foxholes) who are immoral and fill our nation's prisons. Though, hardly any prisoners are atheists and many atheists have served in combat.

There is no cause and effect between atheism and racism. I don't think anybody became an atheist and said, yep, that means racism is true. Or, nobody became a racist and said, yep, that means there isn't a god. There is no connection between the two.

Second, there are many, many racists who believe in a god. The South is the most religious part of the nation but it supported segregation. Are we to believe the very tiny atheist population of Mississippi in 1960 were the ones, and only ones, supporting segregation? The only wants calling African Americans the N word? Really?

This host, when a caller brought up the Klu Klux Klan as an organization that states it is a Christian based organization, stated that they weren't telling the truth. So that makes everyone who ever has been in the KKK, including in the deep South 100 years ago, a liar who is hiding their atheism? The absurdity of this position knows no bounds.

The fact is there are racist Christians, Jews, Muslims and yes, atheists. I don't deny that, though atheists are probably less likely to be qualified as racists as their numbers in the general population.

To say that no Christians, let alone believers in a god, can be racists is an example of the True Scotsman fallacy. A fallacy built on the idea that no true Scotsman, Christian, football player etc, would do an act or have such a belief, so if an act is done or belief is had (whatever it might be) then that person really isn't a true example of their group.

Now, maybe being a racist believer in a god or Christian isn't a good example of being one of those things, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Someone can be racist and be an atheist. The only thing required of an atheist is non-belief in a god and the only thing required of a believer in a god, is belief in a god. No real other necessary beliefs logically follow from that, inherently.

To sum it up, those who have a radio show with thousands of listeners, should be halfway competent in logic and history and not need a little known blogger (such as me) explain away his illogical analysis.