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Denver Public Art

Looking for interesting art in Denver? You could visit the Denver Art Museum. However, if you want something different head over to one of Denver's librarys, recreation centers, or police and fire stations.  With over 150 pieces scattered through out every neighborhood, Denver's public art is definetly something to check out.


It all started in 1988 with Mayor Federico Pena. An executive order was created. For every city improvement project over $1 million, 1% must be used for including art into the projects. Over 150 pieces of art have been installed under this program. Denver's Public Art comes in a wide variety of mediums that represents Denver's culture and the people who have lived there.


From the abstract to historical monuments, there is truly something for everybody. There are even some directed specifically at kids. An oil painting of Beatrix Potter characters, a children's fountain, even a laughing escalator are some of the kid's art to be found in Denver.


A guide of all of Denver's Public Art along with maps of their locations can be found at Denver's Public Art Program also offcers a phonecast which has interviews from artists and more information about some of their most popular pieces of art, such as the Dancers or I See What You Mean (The Big Blue Bear). Call 1-877-DEN-ARTS to hear the these and other phonecasts.




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