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Denver police get new rules

Denver Police officers outfitted for DNC security work in 2008
Denver Police officers outfitted for DNC security work in 2008
C Charvat photo

Earlier this week, Denver police officers turned in their nightsticks. The day of the blackjack is over in the city of Denver. The rules have changed. According to the Denver Post, Police Chief Gerry Whitman said "the new policy puts into the rule book the common sense practices already used by officers in most cases".

The new policy that the Chief refers to is the result of the Denver Police Department implementing deadly force audit recommendations contained in the PARC 2008 study. In addition to substituting foldout batons for nightsticks, changes include: officers not being allowed to use a stun gun on anyone who could fall and hurt themselves or may be driving a car or holding a firearm, or the elderly and disabled; officers may not strike a person using a flashlight or handgun.

Several British police forces have recently switched over to telescoping batons(which don't fracture bones as readily as a nightstick). There were complaints of British police smashing the shins and knees of suspects with billy clubs. Officers were accused of using American-style police tactics.

The Denver Police Department and Chief Whitman have apparently found some sound ideas in the PARC report and are implementing them. In 2009, the Denver police initiated 35 disciplinary actions against officers for conduct ranging from shootings to use of unnecessary force to drug and alcohol problems.

Not everyone sees the PARC 2008 audit as a good thing, though.  Mike Mosco, president of the Denver Police Protective Association, said in the Denver Post, "The policies on which officers have been training for months solve problems that don't exist with the Police Department and could trip up officers in the future".


  • JR Bailey Casper Christianity Examiner 5 years ago

    Hey Charles,

    Wow, I am literally quite shocked at this act of insipid stupidity on the part of the Denver Police Chief.

    The Chief, in his rush to worship at the altar of Social Progressive Political Correctness, has quite literally FORCED an escalation for EVERY police officer on the street, whom is forced to act in a potentially violent, or outright violent situation.

    Officers had at least 4 specific levels of non-lethal alternative actions open to them, prior to the need to pull their pistols and use them.

    1. Hands on physical restraint
    2. Flash light use as an impromptu baton
    3. Use of Baton
    4. Use of Stun Gun

    Now the Chief with the stroke of his imbecilic pen, has stripped away the use of the flashlight, delayed the use of the baton by the need to extend it, completely eliminated the use of the Stun Gun unless the suspect is already on the ground and unable to fall.

    More in my next.

  • JR Bailey Casper Christianity Examiner 5 years ago

    Further, how in potentially violent situations is an officer supposed to determine if the suspect should be classified under the 'elderly' or 'disabled' (and as the saying used to go, "I ARE one of those myself.") clause?

    Does a guy hopped up on Meth waving a knife around, but holding onto a wood or metal cane qualify under the "no use" of Stun Gun clause in the Chief's definition?

    Obviously the cane may imply that the guy has a bad leg, certainly that if a Stun Gun is used, he will indeed 'fall to the ground'.

    The officer in such a situation can't use the SG, can't use his baton because he can't get close enough to the Meth Head with the knife without probably being stabbed in the process, use of the flashlight is automatically ruled what's left?

    The officer must pull his service pistol (which he/she probably already has out and aimed at the Meth Head-I HOPE) and USE IT, because the imbecilic Chief has taken the non-lethal tools away from the officer.


  • JR Bailey Casper Christianity Examiner 5 years ago

    Lastly, how's the Chief going to respond when more of his officer's are forced to shoot more suspects in such scenarios: take their guns away too?!

    How about a more generic sitch....same Meth Head but he/she has a large 'bulge' under their loose shirts/blouses, that looks suspiciously like a gun.

    Again, since the gimpy Meth Head is swaying like a Limbo Dancer, use of the SG is still out!!

    Ok, take away the Meth Head's cane and give him/her a two good legs....the Meth Head, higher than a kite, is still in Limbo Mode...the officer STILL CAN'T use the SG, cause if he/she does, the juice will do what it is intended to do: drop the suspect to the ground and cause temporary convulsions. This is what it can do to healthy people not dancing the Limbo. SG can't even be used on Healthy Individuals, in Limbo Mode or no: cause they'll fall to the ground and quite possibly boo-boo themselves.

    Somebody needs to SG the Chief and soon, before officers die without cause.

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