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Denver model home merchandising and your five senses

Merchandising evokes the illusion of an appealing lifestyle

Walk into any of Denver's model homes and you are sure to be wowed with creative, whimsical and sophisticated interior decor. National and local home builders alike hire Denver's top model home decorators help capture you, the potential buyer, by creating the illusion of the ideal life lived within those walls. It's a marketing strategy wrapped in an artistic package. Meticulous planning and consideration is put into this decor, not only to showcase good design, but to captivate you via all five senses.

Sight: Color, lighting, texture are all key players in this game. Home furnishings and decor market trends typically dictate which colors are chosen to appeal to buyers.

Sound: Every detail is considered, even which genre of music is chosen to play softly on the homes whole-house sound system.

Smell: Fresh baked cookies is a well known trick of the trade. Cleaning supplies and subtle air fresheners or purifiers are also used to evoke good thoughts and cozy feelings.

Taste: That plate of freshly baked cookies comes in handy once more. Hot coffee or cold water can also satisfy you and make your mood just a little lighter.

Feel: It is often and easily overlooked, but the temperature of a home can have a significant affect on your interpretation of comfort when you enter a space.

Next time you take a model home tour, use your senses to find out what is captivating you.

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