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Denver March for Life

Public identification with the innocent
Public identification with the innocent
shawn mathis

It was a mild winter day.

But the fervent souls were as warm as mid-summer noon.

Sponsored by Colorado Right to Life, the meeting took place at the foot of the capitol. With over two-hundred attendees, the gathering of such a wide-array of citizens from all walks of life was colorful.

Young, old, black and white, male and female--they all came to defend the rights of the unborn.

The meeting started with a pep-talk, expounding the evils of abortion. Peppered between the various talks were musical guests singing Christian songs. Four Colorado officials attended, including Senator Kevin Lundberg.

The opening speech reminded the audience that the right to life is rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Thus every "elected official" who violates that oath "should be removed from office."

But the speaker also reminded the listeners that women ravaged by the abortion industry can have healing through the blood of Christ.

The meeting ended with a march down the 16th Street Mall.

But the mission has not ended. The rally was not about attacking people but defending babies.

As one rally assistant explained in an interview, "Justice for the innocent is important to God."

As the church did during the time of Roman Empire, when families cast out their children in the wilderness to die only to be rescued by the church, Christianity will again defend the innocent.

You can subscribe to these articles at the top of the page. Shawn is the pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in Denver.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    If you don't approve of abortions simply do this:
    and then.
    LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE ALONE TO MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES-regardless of what you think your belief in YOUR God allows you, you DO NOT have the right to force others to behave in ways that fits into YOUR moral compass.
    Live YOUR life by YOUR morals and leave others to theirs.

  • Profile picture of Shawn Mathis
    Shawn Mathis 4 years ago

    Let's try this reasoning with slavery:
    Do not get one..and...leave everyone else alone to make their choices...

    I didn't think that would work anymore than your reasoning. The very issue in debate is whether this is murder. Murder is wrong--even murder by law (ask the Holocaust survivors).

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