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Denver indie band profile: Meet Medic

When the Top 10 Denver bands on last year’s Hometown for the Holidays contest roster included an unknown pop/rock act called Medic, it was met with a response from a number of people that went something like: “Hey! Where did these guys come from?” The fact is, Medic’s quiet emergence onto the Denver scene has been slow and deliberate. Three of the bandmates—Miller Harveaux and brothers Aaron and Dominick Wagner—had played in a band together before (“We weren’t very good at all,” quips Aaron). They had also started on different instruments—Harveux had been a drummer before switching to guitar, and bassist Drew Bernard had originally played guitar. The four came together in early 2011, dissatisfied with their previous experiences, knowing they wanted something new, special, different. They felt the chemistry in playing together, but took several months in the practice room, honing their sound and crafting an EP before starting to play gigs around Denver.

Denver indie rock band Medic.
Chris Sanchez

But slow and steady wins the race, and as their Top-10 status in the 2012 Hometown for the Holidays demonstrated, Medic is a band worth hearing. Their mature sound belies the fact that they are still quite young as far as bands go. As it turns out, the name “Medic” is quite appropriate, as well; it’s hard to put your finger on at times, but there’s something almost therapeutic in their sound, and a sense of hope within their lyrics that comes across as uncontrived.

If you spend any time talking to the guys, or stalking their Facebook page, you’ll pick up that church is a huge part of their lives. They met in church, they play in church, and faith informs the way they approach their career, even though they don’t define themselves as a Christian band. While some see the open expression of faith as a risk factor, the guys of Medic take it in stride.

“It’s usually the Christians who make a bigger deal out of it than anyone else,” says Aaron. “Anyone that’s not in church that’s heard us play at Herman’s or any other bar in Denver…they don’t care. It’s like, ‘Oh, wow, you guys are actually making good music.’ That’s their priority. It’s never been a thing where we’re trying to hide our Christianity or that we’re trying to blatantly promote it. We’re just going to be ourselves, and hang with people, and have a great time…I’ve found there’s a lot of Christians that get bothered by the fact that we can have a beer after the show. There’s a lot of people that aren’t of our faith that are bothered that we have a faith of any kind. But for the most part, people are really cool about it.”

Medic have just returned to Denver from a tour; they have also recently released a new single “Rebuild,” which is available for free download from Noisetrade, and they are releasing yet another single, "Wake Me Up," for this year's Hometown for the Holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for future shows here in town.

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