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Denver Green Jobs

Denver is becoming a destination city for green technology. With an average of 115 days of clear weather and 130 partly cloudy days (according to the national weather service and in Colorado per year, solar power actually makes a great deal of sense.

Colorado also lies as the edge of the Mid Western Plains which are naturally windy. Shopping centers like Belmar in Lakewood, CO (Alameda and Wadsworth) are also becoming green by buying wind credits, installing solar panels, and attaching wind power turbines to the light poles in their parking lots. If installing your own wind turbine sounds impractical, which it is, you can purchase wind credits which is one of the simplest ways any Denver citizen can have a "green" household.

Aside from green technologies, there is also the jobs component. The US Department has just given the green light for green job training with $150 million in grants. Green jobs in Colorado range in scope just like in other industries. The descriptions of these jobs are not always clear or concise as the industry is still being fleshed out and fully pieced together.


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