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Denver fans almost unanimous, McDaniels needs to go

I hope no one minds if I say I told you so, but I would hardly be the only one.  Back at the time McDaniels was hired I wrote that the questions surrounding spygate in New England had not been answered adequately to make McDaniels a good choice (also I was hoping for head coach Elway to revitalize the team):

I will go way out on a limb here (lol) and predict that McDaniels will not be Denver's head coach next season.  For Bowlen to do so would risk an alienation of the fan base that no large team can afford.  No NFL team can afford to take its fan's affections for granted.  Witness the fact that there is no NFL franchise in America's second largest city.  

While I am sure that there were mistakes made in the events that led to Cutler's, Marshall's, and Schaeffler's departures, prior to tapegate or whatever its called, to me the biggest mistake McDaniels had made was in this year's game at Baltimore.

In case you weren't watching or catching the nuances of McDaniel's coaching, Dan Fouts, who would probably be an excellent choice for head coach someday (as would Elway), made it most clear.  In deciding to punt to Baltimore in the 4th quarter and basically conceding the game, McDaniel's deflated the morale, not only of the team, but the fan base as well.  Even Denver's rabid fan base should never be taken for granted.  

In the tradition of Hemingway (and just about all of the media from time immemorial), from time to time I am known to frequent various "sports taverns" and get a chance to talk to fans.  Although not a scientific poll, McDaniel's numbers right now are lower than Hawkins were just prior to his firing.  


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