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Denver Fair Food asks Wendy's to support the CIW

On Friday May 17, 2013, Denver Fair Food (DFF) members visited two Wendy's locations in Denver delivering letters in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). DFF approached Wendy's managers urging them to join the Fair Food Program, which would help to secure the tomato workers in Immokalee Florida with better wages and working conditions. DFF stated that they adopted a Wendy's in Northwest Denver (4964 Federal Blvd) and will be "returning, on a semi-regular basis, to this location to educate Wendy's patrons on the struggle for Fair Food."

CIW New York City demonstration
New York City Demonstration

Denver Fair Food member Joe Deras Espinoza explained that the manager at the Wendy's location in Northwest Denver "was not very receptive and actually told us that we were not allowed to talk to anyone in at the restaurant or give them the letter. We explained how this type of action was happening in many other cities and all we wanted was for her to pass the letter up the chain of command. The second restaurant we went to was much more receptive and was very interested in knowing more about the farm worker struggle. The fair food nation knows that it is only a matter of time until Wendy's signs the agreement with the CIW. We've seen it happen with all 11 other corporations that have signed the agreement."

On Saturday May 18, 2013, over 300 people marched in support of the CIW in New York City. The CIW reported that their protest in Manhattan began, "with a popular theater presentation in the open air of New York's storied Union Square park and [ended] with a march through city streets and protests at two separate Wendy's locations." Many Fair Food advocates are perplexed by Wendy's CEO Emil Brolick not signing the Fair Food agreement because he signed the agreement in 2005 when he was President of Taco Bell. Following signing Taco Bell to the Fair Food agreement in 2005 Brolick stated, "As an industry leader, we are pleased to lend our support to and work with the CIW to improve working and pay conditions for farm workers in the Florida tomato fields."

The CIW plans to intensify protests on Thursday May 23, 2013, when Wendy's holds their shareholders' meeting in Manhattan. CIW representatives gathered 90,000 signatures in less than one week and plan to deliver them to Wendy's Board of Directors on Thursday along with asking Wendy's to join the Fair Food agreement.


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