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Denver Enjoys Hot Housing and Job Markets in 2014

Downtown Denver
Downtown Denver

The city of Denver, Colorado is enjoying a time of extraordinary prosperity. Denver boasts a thriving housing market and economy. Recent reports suggest that the city's job market is booming too. Because things are looking up in this mile-high city, many people around the country are deciding that now is a great time to relocate to Denver and its exciting atmosphere.

Denver Real Estate Sells

According to reports, "the average number of days on the market for a Denver metro listing in May was 28, with the number of homes for sale just over 6,000." (1) Homes are selling, indeed, and the only trouble is that there is not enough supply to meet demand. Many people want to call Denver home, but finding a house can be a challenge with so many looking to buy. Although this is great news for home sellers, buyers have plenty to look forward to as new constructions begin to hit the market.

Denver's New Home Constructions

Denver boasts several new communities and new home constructions that are helping to meet housing demands. Many of these communities boast incredible features such as golf courses and convenient shopping. In fact, Heritage Hills offers families "a thriving, close-knit community," that is just minutes from the I-25 or C-470/E-470 freeways and nearby job centers and business hubs (2). People rave about Denver's many advantages, but its vibrant communities are among the city's best-loved features.

Job Opportunities

Denver has ranked in the top 10 U.S. cities for job opportunities. With its unemployment rates shrinking and job market growing, it's not surprising that Denver is attracting workers from a wide variety of sectors. A thriving job market is one of Denver's most attractive features for workers. Not only does Denver boast a wide array of open positions, but a good portion of these positions also boast competitive salaries. Consequently, many people throughout the state are considering a move to Denver as well as people looking to relocate from other states.

Living in Denver

With the nearby Rocky Mountains, Denver boasts many outdoor activities like skiing that draw many people. Living in Denver is an attractive option for many as the city boasts something for everyone from cultural attractions to sporting events. A thriving city is generally a healthy city, and Denver's healthy economic atmosphere is complemented by city events like festivals, general good upkeep, and urban growth. With new communities sprouting up, the city's growth continues with no sign of slowing down.

Choose a Great Denver Community

Whether you are looking for a luxurious setting or a cozy place to raise your family, Denver boasts new constructions that suit a wide variety of tastes and budgets. New constructions are popular because many people enjoy being part of the design process and choosing from a variety of options that allow them to tailor their new home to their liking right from the get go. Many Denver communities boast proximity to excellent schools and fine shopping venues. If you are considering making a move to Denver, you won't be disappointed with all the city has to offer.


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