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Denver dog owner speaks out about agonizing death of her senior dog

Harley died after being hit by a car
Harley died after being hit by a car
Screen shot via ABC 7 News

According to Saturday's ABC 7 News, the Denver, Colo., guardian of the dog who slowly died on the street last week, after being struck by a car, has spoken out about the sad incident, and the response from the local police officers.

Dani Juras, guardian of the dog, whose name was "Harley," saw the video of her dying 14-year-old dog on ABC 7 News. Harley slipped from his home last Wednesday, the same day that he was later struck by a vehicle - her children had accidentally left a door unlatched.

After watching the news, Juris told News 7:

I recognized Harley, I wanted to be in disbelief that it was him. I watched the video a couple of times and had others watch it hoping that somebody would say it’s just not him,

Juras was upset that the police had prevented a good Samaritan from comforting her dying dog; she stated:

I would like to see the officers that were involved, whether it’s a reprimand, whether it’s a fine, I would like to see them be held accountable,"

She added:

This animal was neglected and neglected by somebody that’s supposed to be there for your safety, supposed to take care of us in times like this,"

Ross Knapp was the good Samaritan who attempted to comfort and assist the dog who had been hit by a car; he stated that his efforts to do so were thwarted by the police officers who responded. Harley remained on the street where he was struck for 90 minutes before an animal control officer arrived - the dog died moments before that officer showed up.

In response to the criticism of many individuals who were upset about the way the incident was handled, Sonny Jackson, with the Denver Police, stated:

It's always about the personal safety of that individual. It's not trying to be cruel to the animal or cruel to the individual. It's best if we get the Animal Control people in there, let them do what they do as experts and let them take the actions,"

Though Juras expressed disdain over the response from the police, she has gratitude for the man who tried to help, stating:

I appreciate everything he did to help my dog and try to be there, he must have an amazing heart to try to help in a situation like that,

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