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Denver designer Mondo Guerra dishes on Project Runway season 8 episode 3


Another impressive turn-out for Project Runway Season 8 Thursdays at Beauty Bar hosted by the Fabric Lab and Mondo Guerra showed that Denver has joined Team Mondo.  A giddy crowd cheered on the designer as he competed in the party store challenge of episode 3. 

The viewing party also featured fellow Denver designer Jose Duran.  He presented his dramatic collection in short runway shows during commercial breaks.  El salon provided styling for the models' hair.

The 14 remaining designers were asked to create a look from items found in Party Glitters, a Manhattan party supply store.  The challenge forced the cast to cope with unconventional materials and use their creativity to create the illusion of high-end fashion.

Mondo created a playful pink cocktail dress.  He used leis for a short, voluminous skirt and plastic plates to form the shiny bodice.  His styling was youthful and flirty and his model looked like she was ready to party.

Betsey Johnson joined Heidi, Nina, and Michael as a guest judge for episode 3.  The American designer is world-renowned for her fun party dresses and energetic style, making her especially qualified to help judge this particular challenge.

Mondo's design impressed the judges enough to secure another week in the competition, but it was Valerie, Gretchen, and Andy who claimed the top spots.  Sarah, Casanova, and A.J. found themselves in the bottom. 

In the end, Andy's intricately woven black and silver ribbon dress earned him the win and immunity in next week's challenge.  Sarah's lackluster silver frock with teal palm tree details couldn't save her from being out.  At the end of the episode, Mondo shared his reaction.

"What happened to my air time in this episode?  Seriously?" Mondo said in jest.  "I think they're saving me for something really big."

Mondo dedicated his episode 3 creation to his sister Tanisha, who was in attendance.  He joked that it was to make up for her not having a proper quinceanera celebration.

Next week, London milliner Philip Treacy makes an appearance on Project Runway, presenting what promises to be another exciting episode.

The Fabric Lab and Mondo Guerra host Project Runway Thursdays every week at 6:00 pm.  For more information on Mondo, find him on Facebook and visit for more video and photos.

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