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Denver construction worker asks how to telecommute

Can a construction worker telecommute?
Can a construction worker telecommute?
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Fred, a Denver construction worker asked "What can a person like me do to work from home in the construction field?"

Anything you do in your business that can take place in a home office would be considered telecommuting. You can place phone calls to people you have networked with to find construction jobs. Using the Internet to research and order materials can be done from home. Use social sites to promote your business. Develop and maintain a website with information about what you do. These are a few things that can turn your job into at least a part-time telecommuting position.

Another avenue would be to write about your construction experience. There are plenty of websites that will pay you for your expertise. Try where you can submit how to articles and videos. Squidoo is another place to publish along with Hubpages or Associated Content. Even if you telecommute for only a small portion of your workday, you will be off to a great start.

Do you have a question about telecommuting in Denver? Ask it in the comment section.


  • Fred 5 years ago

    Thanks Laura, Your article was very informative and helpful. I'm excitied to start working on you're ideas, thanks again keep up the great articles

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