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Denver Comic-Con: Pandora Celtica unleash at Colorado Convention Center

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Pandora brought Celtic pride to Denver Comic-Con at Colorado Convention Center, on June 14. They were the direct support. Castle Wall Productions Present, Two Girls with Guitars, The Stubby Shillelaghs, 501st Legion Presents and DJ PharoahMoan were the opening acts. Joker and Harley teach dance was the headlining act.
Shadowcat, Nessa Nixiefae, Requiem, Rubie Talyn Hayes, September Whiskey are the vocalists of Pandora Celtica. Shadowcat also plays the Dumbec.

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Hayes greeted the audience twice, before the start of "Ragin". The second time around she greeted them; she received a much louder response. She introduced the song as a zombie song. As she sang a cappella, Shadowcat raised his arms up and motioned them as if he was a zombie. After the song came to an end, he joked how he had written the song in the fifth grade and how he was dealing with real stuff.

Nixie Fae spoke of the song, “Sister Selkie”, and mentioned she wrote it about her sister. She mentioned her sister lives in the sea and sheds a large portion of her skin. She stated anyone who came in possession of it would make her sister their slave. Requiem corrected her and said he thought she had two sisters. In response, she said she does not like to speak about her other sister in public. As she sang, the rest of Pandora Celtica would assist her every so often and Shadowcat would play the dumbec.

Before the start of “Gears and Steam”, Hayes mentioned they would record a children’s steam punk album. Whiskey mentioned it was put on hiatus at the moment because she had yet to sign the contract. As they were about to begin—Nixiefae brought out two wooden sticks, smacked them together and provided percussion for the song.

Prior to ending with "Maid In Bedlam", Requiem wanted to perform one more song and joked how Pandora Celtica had one more song on their set list. Hayes said she could not perform any longer because she bought a booth at the convention and had to head back to work. Requiem mentioned they had merchandise available to sell near the stage. He said he was looking forward to meeting everyone and advised the crowd hey had one more performance, on June 15.

"Walk In Shadow", "Ponie", "Chemical", "Sailor Boy", "Rambling Sailor", "Gears & Steam" and "Clock Stops" were also part of Pandora Celtica's set.