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Denver Comic-Con: DJ PharoahMoan rules at Colorado Convention Center

DJ PharoahMoan’s reigned upon Denver Comic-Con at the Colorado Convention Center, on June 14. He was the opening act, along with: Castle Wall Productions Present, Two Girls with Guitars, The Stubby Shillelaghs and 501st Legion Presents. Pandora Celtica was the direct support and Joker and Harley teach dance was the headlining act. During his recital—he used a microphone, a set of turntables and his laptop.

Denver Comic-Con:  DJ PharoahMoan rules at Colorado Convention Center.
Sareth Ney/
Denver Comic-Con:  DJ PharoahMoan rules at Colorado Convention Center.
Sareth Ney/

Prior to Space Ghost’s “A Nugget of Joy from Zorak”, DJ PharoahMoan asked the audience if they had been enjoying the convention. Afterwards, he introduced himself and mentioned he would also be DJing later in the evening. He encouraged everyone to stop by the Vector Lounge from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and said there would be an arcade there too. Afterwards, he mentioned he would provide at least one hour of music with his current set.

After adjusting the knobs on DJ PharoahMoan’s turntable and transitioning Black Tape for a Blue Girl’s “Knock Three Times On Your Coffin”, he applied his headphones. He went onto align his eyes with his computer screen, by squatting and chose the next track he wanted to play from his laptop. He stood up, approached by friends and they embraced each other with hugs.

As the opening chorus of Enigma’s “Return To Innocence” was heard, DJ PharoahMoan waited for the verses to come in. He sang along with them and paced back and forth. After using his mixer, he transitioned into Lotus’ “Hold On”, removed himself from the stage, walked through the crowd and between the tables to his right.

During Allure featuring Kate Miles “My Everything (Juventa Club Mix)”, a staff member brought a stack of the Vector Lounge flyers and rested them near his turntables. As the music played, it gave him the opportunity to hand out the flyers to random members of attendance.

Offerings to Odin’s “Metro” brought an end to DJ PharoahMoan’s recital; members of the audience went up to him this time and picked up a flyer. After the song came to an end, he encouraged everyone to go to the Vector Lounge and “get their game on”.

“Nitzer Ebb - Come Alive (2006 Digital Remaster)”, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, “Knock Three Times”, Concrete Blonde’s “Walking in London (Clean Mix)”, Jerry Goldsmith’s “Main Title / Locutus” and Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Major Tom (Code 64 Remix)” were also part of DJ PharoahMoan’s set.