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Denver Colorado; City seeks new regulations and fees for medical marijuana dispensaries

Denver councilman Charlie Brown
Denver councilman Charlie Brown

Differing cities see different things when they look at medical marijuana dispensaries. The City of Centennial sees "Pharmacies", while Denver sees "Cabarets" (i.e. Strip joints)

Centennial sees pharmacies mainly in reference to "zoning", while Denver is focused on what it calls a reasonable "fee."

Thanks to cbs4denvercom's breaking story and television coverage of Monday night's Denver council meeting, we begin to see what some of the rules and regulations for dispensaries in Denver will look like.

A $5000 application and renewal fee
• No medicating on premises
• Establish security measures for their business
• 1000 ft limit from schools and between dispensaries
• Limits on felons operating businesses

Dispensaries in Denver have been paying taxes since Dec. 1st. If these regulations are passed they will take effect retroactively to Dec. 15, 2009.

The next meeting of the city council will be held next Monday and it will be a public meeting. As the move to pass these regulations heats up, we can look forward to a spirited debut then.

On the one hand, one may not like the association being made to a "cabaret or strip club," but on the other hand consider what, Walking Raven Dispensarie's Nick Paul says "We've made more (money) in the last three months than this car lot has made here in the last three years,"  speaking of the former occupants business.

Clearly this is an emerging industry and in fact is the State of Colorado's number one growth business with over 300 dispensaries in Denver alone. More business licenses are applied for on a daily basis.

From a business perspective, it's interesting to contemplate "just how large can an industry grow?" It's not just Denver; it's over the whole state.

Telluride intends to treat medical marijuana dispensaries, the same as liquor stores. Grand Junction, Durango, Steamboat Springs, Craig and Kremmling have all had moratoriums on new dispensaries.

Ft. Collins lifted a one month moratorium last night. "We want this to work for our community, we want to make this work for legal patients using this as medicine," said Commissioner Steve Johnson, noting that it's important to weed out those dispensaries unwilling to follow guidelines and business standards. No pun intended, right?

Interestingly the small rural town of Greeley has substancial rules down on paper and enforced already.


  • Johnny Law 5 years ago

    Did you know there are five million handicapped, seriously injured, terminally ill dying or diseased people living in Colorado? Yep, at the rate they are now processing applications for (drug dealers) sorry, "patients" in 20 years there will be no one living in Colorado who doesn't use marijuana daily! Colorado will be the dumbest State in the country! The methamphetamine problem will explode next and the comes the heroin as you attract ALL the people wanting easy money growing weed and dealing drugs. We cannot wait to watch property values plummet as crime skyrockets. Enjoy your pot dummies.

  • Adam Curtis 3 years ago

    We have recently begun to accept new members
    for 2011-2012 and walk-ins are always welcome.
    We have lowered our pricing and now offer a 10% discount
    for Veterans & Students
    (with valid ID) and HIV & Cancer patients.
    (All our TOP SHELF 1/8’s are capped at $40).
    Since opening our doors in 2009 our
    Denver dispensary has stood by
    our product and offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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