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Denver Colorado; City seeks new regulations and fees for medical marijuana dispensaries

Denver councilman Charlie Brown
Denver councilman Charlie Brown


  • Johnny Law 6 years ago

    Did you know there are five million handicapped, seriously injured, terminally ill dying or diseased people living in Colorado? Yep, at the rate they are now processing applications for (drug dealers) sorry, "patients" in 20 years there will be no one living in Colorado who doesn't use marijuana daily! Colorado will be the dumbest State in the country! The methamphetamine problem will explode next and the comes the heroin as you attract ALL the people wanting easy money growing weed and dealing drugs. We cannot wait to watch property values plummet as crime skyrockets. Enjoy your pot dummies.

  • Adam Curtis 4 years ago

    We have recently begun to accept new members
    for 2011-2012 and walk-ins are always welcome.
    We have lowered our pricing and now offer a 10% discount
    for Veterans & Students
    (with valid ID) and HIV & Cancer patients.
    (All our TOP SHELF 1/8’s are capped at $40).
    Since opening our doors in 2009 our
    Denver dispensary has stood by
    our product and offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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