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Denver Chipotle Cultivate Festival aims to increase food awareness

This Saturday, Oct 6, will be Denver’s first ever Cultivate Festival! The festival will feature food, farmers, chefs, artisans and musicians. Everyone will come together for a day full of free events. Activities will inspire a fun atmosphere while also bringing awareness about how food impacts today’s society.

Chipotle Food with Integrity

Festivities will begin around 10 a.m. and go until 6 p.m. The free event was crafted by locally-grown Chipotle Mexican Grill and is intended to get people interested in their food. The goal is get people to ask where their food comes from, how it is processed and what are the pros and cons of how we live today.

The Cultivate Festival originally began in Chicago last fall. There were more than 15,000 attendees. Chipotle thought it would be best to bring the fun to their hometown. The day is sure to be full of fun, excitement and valuable education.

During the event, there will be five experience tents throughout City Park. The tents will focus on topics regarding sustainable farming and textiles. Tents include the Avocado Experience, Arcade Experience, Cinema Experience, Farm Facts Experience and Textile Experience. Each will highlight their specified areas.

Chipotle has been an important contributor to the natural and societal environments all over the country, but plays a big part here in Colorado. Over the past 15 years, Chipotle has educated people about the impact we have on the quality of animal lives and our environment. It is encouraged that people buy local produce, do research about where their dairy comes from, and to purchase meat without hormones or antibiotics.

People will learn that through these educational, yet fun, activities, we can produce an environment that is beneficial for us all. The health of the meat we consume contributes to the health of the rest of us.

More information, including the location and schedule, about Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival can be found here.


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