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Denver charter schools in high demand

Charter schools have long wait lists in Denver
Charter schools have long wait lists in Denver
Associated Press

Wait lists continue to grow for many Denver area charter schools.  These schools are traditionally higher ranking than their public school counterparts, so many parents choose them for their children so that they get a higher quality education.  However, demand has far exceeded supply in the Denver area.

There is a lottery that is held to determine which children get into the schools for the following year due to the fact that the wait lists are so long.  So, for some families they heard great news recently, while others learned that there simply wasn't a place for their child. 

Parents are calling for help in making better schools all around so they don't have to worry about the school in their district having poor ratings.  Charter schools can sometimes be a great option for parents who live in a poor neighborhood or have kids with special learning needs. 

Clearly, more needs to be done to close the gap in the school system in Denver.  Parents are always welcome to take action and bring their ideas to their local school.  In the long run, parents are the advocates for their children and taking action can lead to great changes.

Source: Denver Post