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Denver car clubs can experience holiday dining in classic architecture

The Bastien's Restaurant sign advertising on Colfax since its redesign in 1958
The Bastien's Restaurant sign advertising on Colfax since its redesign in 1958
Bastien's Restaurant

Classic car enthusiasts in Denver have a lot of events to choose from in the summer months, but what about when the weather starts to get cold? Generally, those who live in Denver or surrounding areas tend to winterized their vehicles or at the very least not take them out in the harsh winter climate. Basically, snow on the road equals no classic cars on the road.

That said, those who are in classic car clubs, open or closed mark, still want to do things during the winter whether they are driving their classic cars or not. To that end, the Golden Super Cruise is still going to commence during the winter months for diehards...sure it might just be a dozen people at the Sonic, but it shows the character of classic, hot rod, sports and specialty car owners around the Denver metro area. So what do you do in the winter months? More specifically what do you do for your car club holiday party?

One car club I know of is spending their holiday party at Bastien's on Colfax Avenue. For those that have never been, Bastien's specializes in "sugar steaks" and is housed at the location of the old Moon Drive Inn. You can't miss the familiar shape of the Bastien's building if you are a fan of '50s and '60s architecture or grew up during that time. Moreover, they are a Denver classic themselves being in business at the same location in Denver since 1937. The building you see today is circa 1958 and was designed by Mr. Bastien himself. It might be a little late to change your car club's plans this year, but you can try it out next year or go take a classic journey on your own during the cool winter months.

So be sure to take your honey and your classic car to Bastien's this holiday season. You might even be inspired by the lounge charm reminiscent of Mickey Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack. The Christmas 2011 menu is something to take a peek at as well.