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Denver Bronco fans rejoice over the ‘Year of the Horse’

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos

One would have to ask whether China has an influence on the outcome of this year's Super Bowl. As the Chinese begin their New Year’s celebration on January 31, 2014, Denver Bronco fans are all smiles over the fact this year’s featured animal of the Chinese zodiac is the horse.

Named "Shēngxiào" ( 生肖 - "birth likeness") by the Chinese, (the English refer to it as the Chinese zodiac or "circle of animals"), it rotates through a 12-year cycle, relating each year to a specific animal and that animal's reputed attributes. Shēngxiào continues to remain popular in most of the countries of Eastern Asia.

From the viewpoint of the Chinese people, those born under the Horse, the seventh sign of their zodiac, are resourceful with respect to communicating techniques; in addition to being energetic, intelligent and warm-hearted. Clever and kind to others, Horses also tend to talk too much and can be talented, while also stubborn. Bronco fans likely hope their team is stubborn about winning, intelligent in the way they play the game, warm-hearted while dealing with the cold temperatures they will face and utilize their talents without talking too much to the press or others in the process.