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Denver Botanic Gardens seeks Pulling for Colorado volunteers at Chatfield

Desirable plants can't thrive when threatened by noxious weeds.
Desirable plants can't thrive when threatened by noxious weeds.
Photo courtesy Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is participating in the state-wide Pulling for Colorado effort with an event this Saturday, June 12, at their Chatfield branch. As any gardener knows, weeds can pose ongoing problems. Across the state, noxious weeds threaten public and private lands and enterprises.
“We are inviting people to come to our Chatfield location and help us get rid of noxious weeds,” said Erin Bird, an information officer for Denver Botanic Gardens.
The event will be held from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at Denver Botanic Gardens' Chatfield gardens which is actually a working farm in Jefferson County. “People are welcome to help out any time length [of time] they desire,” Bird said. “Every pulled weed makes a difference, be it five or 500.”
According to Bird, volunteers will receive free drinks and snacks, not to mention the self-satisfaction of helping to eradicate harmful, noxious weeds from the state.
With educational events held throughout Colorado beginning in June and running through mid-July, Pulling for Colorado includes a variety of efforts to get Coloradans engaged in the fight against noxious weeds. Natural open spaces, recreational spaces and agricultural lands all suffer from invasive noxious weeds whether broadleaf, grass-like or woody plants. According to the Colorado Noxious Weed Act, noxious weeds are alien plants that invade aggressively or pose risks to economic crops or native plant communities. Some noxious weeds are poisonous to livestock. Other noxious weeds carry detrimental insects, diseases, or parasites. And all noxious weeds prove detrimental to Colorado’s ecosystems.
The Colorado Weed Management Association attempts to stem the tide of noxious weeds by preventing introduction of new invasive plant species to the state, eradicating noxious weeds when possible, and managing noxious weed populations already widespread and well established.

For more details on Pulling for Colorado events organized according to quadrants of the state, click on this link.
For an informative listing and full-color images of noxious weeds in Colorado, click on this state government link.

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