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Denver billboard: Richard Sherman 'no class' billboard erected in Denver

A Denver billboard showcased Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks with the words "No Class" above his head. On Jan. 22, FOX Sports reported that the billboard pitted Broncos CB Champ Bailey against Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, placing the words "Class" and "No Class" over each of their respective photos. Obviously a Super Bowl 2014 dig, the billboard has caused some major controversy -- something that Sherman should be used to by now.

The Denver billboard

Calling himself "the best" after making a huge play in Sunday's game against San Francisco, Sherman got himself a lot of attention -- and while some agree with what he had to say in his post-game interview with Erin Andrews, some think that he was arrogant and shouldn't have reacted in such a way.

The Denver billboard was meant to insult Richard Sherman and, in many ways, it did -- but, as FOX Sports hints at, was it really necessary? The Super Bowl should be about football and players need to check their egos at the door. After all, it's not just one player that wins the game -- it's a team effort. Sherman might disagree with that point, and maybe he's a bit outspoken about it... but was the "no class" billboard proving to be classless in and of itself?

Who do you think will win Super Bowl 2014? The Denver Broncos or Richard Sherman, er, the Seattle Seahawks?

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