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Denver billboard digs at Seahawks 'classless' Richard Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks are indeed heading to the franchise's second ever Super Bowl, and they'll be taking on the Denver Broncos, but that's not where the focus is. The focus has fallen on Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman due to his post-game rant, and now there is a billboard in Denver taking a shot at the Seahawk that believes he is the best, according to Mike Garafolo on Jan. 21, 2014.

Has Denver gone too far already?
Twitter - Mike Garafolo

Fox Sports 1's Mike Garafolo was driving around Denver on Tuesday when he stumbled across the billboard from a company called Contract Appliance. On one side is picture of Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey and it says "Class." On the other side is Sherman and it states "No Class."

"Just driving around Denver, taking in some sights," tweeted Garafolo.

Sherman's rant did not go over well with a lot of people, and it's drawn almost all of the attention away from the Seahawks as a whole.

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Since the incident after the win over the San Francisco 49ers, Sherman has written a column for, appeared on countless news shows, and even given forth an apology. His feud with 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree continues on though.

There have even been reports that the two have been contracted to fight at this year's "WrestleMania."

Not sure calling someone "classless" institutes having class, but the rage is on toward Super Bowl XLVIII.

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