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Denver-based Cappello's offers artisanal grain-free and gluten-free products

Cappello’s is a Colorado-based gourmet food company specializing in hand-made gluten-free, grain-free products. Founded by friends Stacey Marcellus and Benjamin Frohlichstein in 2011, Cappello’s was born out of the intention to create something that represents their core values. Part of that vision was to craft a traditional product untraditionally.

The company mission is simple: provide fresh, uniquely delicious options for artisan food-lovers, healthy eaters and people with dietary restrictions. The Cappello’s lineup currently includes gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, and dairy-free fettuccine, gnocchi, and lasagna. In addition, Cappello’s offers chocolate chip cookie dough, which is also vegan. All products are available online through their website or in markets and restaurants in Colorado and throughout the United States.

While living on a farm in Argentina, Stacey learned the art of making homemade gnocchi, where it’s traditionally eaten on the 29thand reconnected with Ben, and after she became aware of her gluten intolerance, the idea for Cappello’s was born, and they began making pasta 24/7. They worked daily to perfect their recipes —recipes that would eventually evolve into the final, tried-and-tested formula.

“When we began exploring pasta-making, our goal was to use the highest-quality ingredients to yield a product that is delicious and intentional,” explains Ben. “The Cappello’s brand was originally focused on the gluten-free community, but we’ve found that our pastas have reached a diverse range of consumers, from the food-curious, to diabetics, to people subscribing to the paleo lifestyle.”

Cappello’s is a result of Stacey and Ben’s desire to create a totally unique food company, change the reputation of gluten-free products, and offer a traditional, yet health-minded line of foods made untraditionally, without sacrificing quality and taste. Starting out by selling in small Colorado mountain town farmers markets, Cappello’s can now be found in grocers and restaurants from coast to coast.

For many of their loyal customers, Cappello’s has made the difference from a life without favorite foods to a life full of new food experiences. One customer, Laura Waldo, struggled with finding grain-free foods for her son who suffered from severe grain intolerance.

“It's just a really clean, fantastic product,” explains Laura. “Not only do I use it, but as a nutritional therapist, I recommend it to my clients. My son was diagnosed with severe gluten sensitivity, and it took a lot of time and energy to figure out what was going on—when we realized that all grains were problematic, we went entirely grain-free. Cappello's is an integral part of eating a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet in our home, and it gives us a tremendous sense of normalcy. I cannot tell you how wonderful that is.“

Cappello’s products are still made by hand by a team of employees that Stacey describes as the “backbone of the company—a loyal team of people that really care about the company, its ethos, and the energetic exchange they have with the product.” Only the finest quality ingredients are sourced for Cappello’s production: the pastas are made primarily with cage-free eggs and almond flour, and the chocolate chip cookie dough is made with ingredients like high-quality coconut oil, dark chocolate, and grade b maple syrup. All ingredients are non-GMO.

The same idea is reflected in the design of the Cappello’s packaging. The bold, clean black and white pattern integrates classic, old-world aesthetics paired with a modern sensibility that reflects the brand’s non-traditional tenets.

Since launching only a few years ago, the Cappello’s brand has already made a presence in over 165 grocery stores and restaurants, like award-winning Frasca Food & Wine and Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder, and found throughout Colorado and beyond. This year, the team plans to roll out more products and expand into even more retailers.

“Cappello’s stands out as a delicious, high-end brand for anyone who loves great food,” says Stacey. “The fact that our products are catered towards the gluten-free world, celiac community, and those with allergies or dietary restrictions makes us part of the paradigm shift happening in the food world, and makes it an incredibly rewarding job, too.”

For more information on Cappello’s, please visit: or call 720-232-7041.

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