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Denver authorities charge man for abandoning his dog at Animal Control

Authorities are still looking for Bronson, the German shepherd shown in this photo.
Authorities are still looking for Bronson, the German shepherd shown in this photo.
Colorado Lost and Found Pets/ The Denver Channel

Authorities at the Denver Animal Control have identified Daniel Sohn, 31, of Aurora as the owner of a black and brown German shepherd, who Sohn threw into the lobby of the shelter on West Bayard Ave., and then fled. Sohn was caught on a surveillance video leaving in his vehicle reported

Before anyone could take custody of the dog last Thursday, the panicky animal ran out of the shelter and chased after the car Sohn was driving. A few hours later, Sohn returned to the shelter and dropped the dog named Bronson off again. That still didn't stop Bronson; the dog eluded capture and ran after Sohn's car heading southward on Alameda and Plathe River Drive.

The heartbreaking story, of this loyal dog just wanting to be his callous owner at all costs, continues to bring tears to the eyes of even the most stoic.

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Bronson has not been located.

Sohn has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty and neglect.

In an interview with ABC7, Sohn's said he and his dog "have a bit of a bond," and Sohn wanted to surrender the dog he adopted last October at the Denver Animal Control. He stated he "gave his dog a choice," and the second time that Bronson followed his owner, the two traveled to Los Angeles where Sohn said the dog jumped out of the car.

Witnesses say Sohn's story continues to change.

Sohn said he was sure the dog was fine; humane advocates don't agree.

If anyone has any information about Bronson, please call (720)-337-1800. Bronson is a black and brown German shepherd likely to answer when his name is called.

A July 2 court date is scheduled.

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