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Denver Attractions for Seniors

If you plan on visting Denver, either by yourself or with family, there are plenty of things to do here that you can enjoy. Many of Denver's attractions are very senior friendly, which means they won't be too fast paced or excessively loud, but still fun. You want to be able to try and learn new things, without being rushed or without dealing with a lot of the annoyances of travel.

Here are a few places for seniors to visit in Denver that fit this description perfectly. Keep in mind, the best time to visit Denver for many of these locations, is during the summer months.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The beautiful botanical gardens in Denver have a lot to offer everyone. They are soothing and calming while also offering exciting things to do and see, from artwork to yoga classes. Seniors who love gardening and plants will find this to be their sanctuary in this city. They'll also enjoy and greatly benefit from the activities offered on a regular basis.

You'll be able to learn new things, which is mentally stimulating, and something that people of all ages should do. Check out which events and exhibits are coming up by checking the website at You'll learn to identify the different types of plants growing and blooming, or show off your knowledge of plants and flowers to your friends.

Historic Denver Downtown Walking Tour

You can get your exercise and walk to see all of the great historic landmarks amid the newer structures of downtown, or you can catch a shuttle when you start to get wore out. The 16th Street Mall is the starting point for many people who want to take this tour, and you can go at your own pace and even skip a few stops if you want to. It's all up to you! Take a trip back in time in downtown Denver.

Check out Union Station and the Littleton Creamery. The Oxford Hotel is Denver's oldest surviving hotel, and you'll find a historic marker outside of thise establishment, which will give you more interesting information about the location. Go to the Tattered Cover Book Store to buy some books and admire the architecture. Be sure to bring your camera, and charge up the batteries!

Take a Free Guided Tour

There are many different tours around Denver that are completely free. Satisfy your sweet tooth by heading to Hammond's Candy Factory for their free tour, and learn how many of your different sweets are made. Take a tour of the Denver U.S. Mint for a free hour-long tour to see the money being made. Take a tour of Coors Brewery or Stanahan's Distillery for all the beer and whiskey fans, or take the free tour of the Denver State Capitol.

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