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Denver Art Museum continues to amaze and inspire

Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum

As awe-inspiring as the Denver Art Museum is architecturally, it is the unbelievably diverse art on the inside that really makes this museum so incredible. From the very old, to the cutting-edge contemporary exhibits, the D.A.M. has something for every art-lover. The large museum is a total of 365,00 square feet in size, has a collection gallery space, three temporary exhibition venues, and the Lewis I. Sharp Auditorium. Currently, the museum has six different temporary exhibitions taking place. Until April 4th, there is an exhibit called: Embrace! which incorporates the artwork of 17 different artists, all of whom are extremely gifted. The artists utilize the inside of the Hamilton building for their art, which includes everything from 3-D pieces, to an interactive bungee-cord sculpture, to several of the artists actually painting artwork onto the buildings steel framework. The Embrace! exhibit is really innovative, and should not be missed by anone who enjoys modern art. For more information on this particular exhibit, visit:

Other temporary exhibits currently at the Denver Art Museum include: Allen True's West (until March 28th, 2010), which features the art of Colorado-native, Allen Tupper True. The exhibition features 13 oil paintings at the D.A.M., and three murals at the Colorado Historical Society. In addition to the exhibition, there is a walking tour of True's murals, which are located throughout downtown Denver. Another great exhibit worth checking out is entitled: Face to Face (until June 30th, 2010). This particular exhibit focuses specifically on portraits, and includes the works of nearly a dozen different artists. The collection is mostly from the late 20th century, however, there are a few older pieces as well, with one portrait dating as far back as the 16th century. While these are not ALL of the temporary exhibits currently at the Denver Art Museum, they are the exhibits that you might want to check out the soonest, as they will be the first three to go. Oh, and it's probably also worth mentioning that the D.A.M. offers free admission on the first saturday of every month.

Visit the Denver Art Museum online at:, or call: (720) 865-5000 for more information. The Denver Art Museum is located at: 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy Denver, CO 80204