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Denver-area school kids' nutrition



As the school year gets underway, working families are under pressure to ensure that their kids get the proper nutrition. Some parents pack lunches. Some rely on the school systems for proper midday meals. Which is where Slow Food USA comes in. 

Slow Food USA "envisions a world in which all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet." The group is concerned about our country's childhood obesity rate, which has "more than doubled" in the past 20 years. Slow Food USA hopes to reform the government's investment into public school lunch programs, and in particular, is looking at Labor Day, this Monday, September 7, to raise awareness and participation. 

This fall, the Child Nutrition Act , which governs the National School Lunch Program, can be reauthorized by Congress. Slow Food USA aims to make change to the current legislation, to 

  1. Invest in Children's Health
  2. Protect Against Foods That Put Children at Risk
  3. Teach Children Healthy Habits That Will Last Through Life
  4. Give Schools the Incentive to Buy Local
  5. Create Green Jobs With School Lunch Corps 

Parents who are interested in helping the cause can help organize or participate in an eat-in, which is potluck where people gather to show their support. For more information or to join, go to


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