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Denver 911 response: Wife shot while on phone with 911 for 13 minutes

Richard Kirk admitted to shooting his wife.
Denver Police Department

A Denver 911 response by authorities is currently under investigation after a woman was shot dead by her husband after being on the phone with 911 dispatch for 13 minutes. CNN reported on April 16, 2014, that Kristine Kirk told 911 her husband was hallucinating, speaking about "the end of the world," and went to get his gun. Shortly after, the line went silent.

The investigation is ongoing to see if Denver police responded quickly enough to the situation after Kristine Kirk said her husband, Richard Kirk, had asked her to shoot him.

The focus is going to be the time it took officers to respond to the Kirk home on Monday night and whether dispatchers properly prioritized the call.

The Denver 911 response dispatch heard Kristine Kirk speak of the fear she had for the safety of herself, their three children, and her husband. She screamed as her husband went to the family safe and grabbed a gun.

A 911 operator said they next heard what sounded like a gunshot and the line went silent. Police found her dead with an apparent gunshot wound to the head on Monday at the family home. Richard Kirk admitted to killing his wife "without questioning."

There are a number of disagreements as to the possible reasons for the delays in Denver 911 response time in recent months.

Richard Kirk has been charged with first-degree murder and showed no emotion at all on Wednesday during his first court appearance. Kirk is being held without bond.

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