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Denton Veg Society hosts its 1st Annual Vegan Bake Sale

Spring Vegan Bake Sale
Denton Veg Society

Treats that are yummy that aren’t full of chemicals and are kind to the environment will be featured at the 1st Annual Denton Veg Society Vegan Bake Sale starting at 9:00 a.m. and going until they sell out, Sat. April 26 at the Denton Community Market, Carroll Blvd. and Mulberry St., Denton, Texas.

Bacon doesn’t have to come from a pig to be good. There will be coconut bacon (you will have to try it), kale chips (the healthier alternative to greasy potato chips), cupcakes, muffins, cookies and more (that you will swear must have eggs, butter and cows’ milk in them – but they don’t).

Items will be priced around $2 to $4 and all proceeds will benefit the University of North Texas’ Mean Greens for Animals and the Humane League of Dallas.

For more information on this tasty, kind cause, visit or

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