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Dental crowns that look natural; could it be?

It is not uncommon to fear going to the dentist though at some point, to have good oral health, we all have to do it! Along with the extorted dental visit fees, pain and long waits are the fears that your teeth are damaged beyond repair. For those who suffer from damage teeth due to decay there is a solution that can avoid the extraction of teeth that can be save with by crowning. Crowning is a procedure where a crown is place over a broken tooth to restore it to full chewing-functionality, while offering a healthy oral appearance. However, those who suffer from "dentophobia" (yes, that's a real word), and for some people who could care less about saving any damaged teeth in their mouths - many times a dental visit is just the last appointment one wants to make.

Despite all that, some people in their lifetime may need to consider getting a dental crown to repair and cosmetically restore damaged teeth. There is not an age that is too young to need crowns, if teeth become that damaged. Unfortunately, parents with children that have bad dental hygiene or poor diets may even make a decision to place a metal crown on their son/daughter's baby tooth if it becomes ridden with activities. Ancient civilizations, such as the Etruscan even had to consider it at one point, since crowns were first used with Ivory and even human teeth.

Long after that Europeans repaired their damaged teeth with the more comfortable porcelain, much like what modern veneers are made of. Moving on to the 19th century using gold as a status quo, crowns were placed on sometimes even healthy teeth. By the 60's most dental practitioners noticed a need for crowns that offered greater durability with chewing. This is when porcelain crowns were infused with metal and a patient's concern for aesthetics went out-of-style, at least as far as most dentist were concerned. Some dentist may even suggest you skip the preventive care services and just have the tooth dramatically extracted. But, not Dr. Matthew Warner of Willoughby Dental, who understands the average patient's desire for a natural-looking crown procedure. In a recent press release, Dr. Warner stated:

Nowadays instead of having a visible piece of dental work in their mouths people prefer to have dental work done that is not visible and is natural-looking.

To add, now the Willoughby Dental office is offering different types of undetectable, natural-looking white crowns, which many of his patients have expressed satisfaction after visit for crowns.

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