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Dental Christmas Ornaments at Kristmas Kringle Shoppe in Fond du Lac

Kristmas Kringle Shoppe in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Kristmas Kringle Shoppe in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Ann Day

Along Highway 41 is a Christmas store called Kristmas Kringle Shoppe. It was a bit difficult to get to once you exit the highway but by wandering around you eventually come up on the store.

Dental Ornament
Ann Day

Upon entering I was immediately greeted by a woman named Claudia who asked if I needed any help finding anything. After telling her I was looking for anything dental she showed me some glass ornaments and said there were more downstairs near the engraving station.

Another lady was walking around and asked if I needed help. I began to notice they all could pass for Mrs. Claus if they were costumed up the right way. That must be some kind of hiring standard there at the Kristmas Kringle Shoppe but the employees didn't appear to be wearing costumes or uniforms on and it was July and not anytime near Christmas.

There were trees decorated all over the store with different themes. Downstairs there was a Packers tree, stuffed polar bears and even a giant manger. After I found the engraving station I found a few ornaments that were little dentists hanging on hooks. Around the corner from that I found the "Occupation Tree." There were lots of teeth and dental ornaments on it.

The dental ornaments were all about $10.99 or $11.99. If you are shopping for your dentist or hygienist or just about anyone and they love Christmas you can probably find an ornament for them at this store.

The friendly Mrs. Clause-like employees are there to help you find what you need if you decide to shop there.

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