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Dental Apps for a Healthier Mouth

Brenda Buergi, RDH

Texting, emailing, playing apps or listening to music; we live in the age of technology which provides us with entertainment and information at the touch of our finger. Many in the dental community have joined in by providing websites and social media outlets to help promote not only their business but also a healthier smile.

Admittedly several of the apps available are games that are more for entertainment then for education. But why not learn and have fun at the same time?

Children can get the Partnership For Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives’ app Toothsavers for free in the app store. The Toothsavers app emphasizes brushing 2 minutes 2 times a day. The app features a game in which the child can practice brushing on a character and then in turn brush their teeth for two minutes. The app counts the time, tells the area of the mouth to clean, and encourages your child along the way. Parents can also set a notification reminder for the time they want their child to brush.

Adults can benefit from using Text2Floss. Simply text ‘Floss’ to 89633; message and data rates may apply depending on your mobile plan. Text2Floss will send you a reminder to floss everyday for a week. If you like the daily reminders you can continue to get texts for a week at a time. It’s that simple! Your mouth will be healthier and your dental hygienist will be so proud that you remembered to floss.

So, leave your fields unplowed, let your troops rest, and leave your candy scattered about, instead start an app that can help you achieve a healthier mouth…a healthier you.

For more information about Partnership For Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives’ Toothsavers app:

For more information about Text2Floss:

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