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heading down Mineral Mt. road
heading down Mineral Mt. road
will sanders

DeNoon is another Arizona ghost town. It was founded in 1890 by James Denoon Reymert who also founded Reymert Arizona the same year. Denoon was the milling town for the silver mine at Reymert which is about two miles further up the canyon. Apparently nothing remains of Reymert except maybe some mine shafts since the town was bulldozed in 1970. DeNoon however still sports a few rock building walls scattered along the canyon bottom and the ruins of two still impressive milling kilns. Silver ore was processed here and when the price of silver dropped the towns died.

We took the green monster out for a drive on Mineral Mountain Road and stumbled upon DeNoon and mistakenly thought we had found Reymert. We had planned on taking Mineral Mountain Road all the way to Box Canyon but spent too much time exploring along the way so that trip will have to wait.

To get here stay on route 60 past Florence Jct. for a couple miles until you get to the turn off to Mineral Mtn. road. If you start going up the hill you went too far so make a U-turn. The turn off is to the south and there is an off road vehicle staging area right next to the highway. This is a popular off road ATV area and you need an Arizona Public Lands permit to drive around out here. If the red flags are flying that means the National Guard is shooting out there and you probably ought to wait for a future date.

The road is rough but nothing a stock 4 wheel drive can’t handle. Continue south on the well traveled road and then take a left at one of the forks (the first main fork) which will take you past a big information sign and map. Follow the map up the Reymert Mine road. Now this road gets rougher in places and goes along the creek bed most of the time. Right in a narrow place there is a sharp uphill turn off that takes you to DeNoon. Continue up the creek bottom road to get to Reymert which I understand is another two miles but we didn’t go there.

Will was out here jeeping on 1/24/14.