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Denon Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones (review)

Denon Exercise Freak Wireless Headphones
Denon Exercise Freak Wireless Headphones

Looking for a fun way to rev-up your workout? A new pair of headphones may do the trick. New research has underscored the importance of pairing your exercise routine with the perfect playlist. And what good is a jammin' set of tunes if you can't hear it? I recently tried out my first set of wireless headphones, and despite my skepticism, they worked very well.

Pros: Exercise Freak Wireless Fitness Headphones

I've tried a few wireless products and I'm often disappointed by their sound quality or connection technology. But the Exercise Freak headphones did a great job of making my workouts easy and fun.

The Denon Exercise Freak headphones were easy to pair and stayed connected throughout my workouts. I was able to adjust the volume, skip songs, rewind and even answer phones calls by manipulating buttons on the device behind my ear. It took a couple of workouts before I got the hang of the buttons, but once mastered, they were easy to use.

The headphones have a sweat-proof design and come with a set of interchangeable ear buds so that most users will find a fit that is comfortable to wear. The device that sits behind your ear is slightly bulky if you are used to wearing an ear bud style headphone, but it's a design that is easy to get used to.

Cons: Exercise Freak Wireless Fitness Headphones

The only thing that I didn't like about the headphones was the charging process. It took me a while to figure out how to tell when the headphones were low on battery power and I ran out of music on more than one long run. According to the manufacturer, typical battery life is 5 hours.

To charge the Exercise Freak phones, you need to plug them into your computer. For me, this is a problem because I often travel without my computer. This means that I either carry a separate set of headphones or risk running sans music when I travel.

Would I recommend the Exercise Freak phones? I would. I've gotten used to running unwired and I like it. The wireless headphones retail for $149.00 on the Denon website and they come in a variety of colors including pink.

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