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Dennis Rodman’s North Korea trips petition announced

On Wednesday, American Military News (AMN) released a petition calling for former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman to end his trips to North Korea or not to bother coming home.

AMN said, “North Korea's atrocious human rights violations are a surprise to no-one. Not only do they starve their own people but they also operate massive concentration camps. Over 200,000 men, women and even children are currently held in these death camps where they are subjected to torture, starvation and mutilation. Over 10,000 people die every year in these camps and over 400,000 have died in the last 40 years.”

“Now, just a short time after their bloody dictator Kim Jong Un killed his own uncle in a ruthless show of strength, is holding an American, Kenneth Bae, hostage; the naive Rodman is headed back to North Korea. This time he brought the press with thin who are now giving a voice to one of the worst dictators since Hitler, “said AMN.

On Tuesday, Rodman appeared on CNN “New Day” to address the criticism he received for his trip to North Korea. Rodman and several other former NBA players traveled to the country to participate in a basketball game on Kim Jong-un’s birthday.

Rodman erupted at CNN anchor Chris Cuomo when he questioned his support to the North Korean leader after the report he executed his uncle and detained an American citizen.

The Obama administration has said little about Rodman's trip to one of the most ruthless countries in the world other than Obama's Press Secretary, Jay Carney saying, "Mr. Rodman is on a private trip."

Also on Wednesday, Fox News reported that Dennis Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" and dedicated a basketball game to his "best friend," North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, before leading a squad of former NBA stars onto the court Wednesday at a Pyongyang stadium for a basketball game.

The acts, statements, and travels by Rodman to North Korea is raising ire among many Americans and members of the military.

AMN said in regards to Rodman and the petition, “We must speak out as Americans, a country that has shed blood to rid the Korean peninsula of communist dictatorial rule, against this despicable act by Dennis Rodman.”

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