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Dennis Rodman’s North Korea rant broken down with Jimmy Kimmel's help (video)

Dennis Rodman had the fans looking at him strangely after the rant he had with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday. The basketball player was in North Korea trying to talk about the NBA players that went to the country to play basketball for the dictator. While Rodman wants to appear to be helping diplomatically, Cuomo was talking politics. The result was a rant by Dennis Rodman that was epic. On Tuesday night Jimmy Kimmel took to the chalkboard to decipher Dennis Rodman's rant and give the Jimmy Kimmel Live fans a good laugh.

“He makes some interesting points. I don’t know what they are,” said Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The talk show host gave the lowdown on the speech with a chalkboard review. “He’s speaking from the heart. Unfortunately his heart is an idiot.”

Noting that the basketball player did build up suspense. Yet he lacked in more than repeating a few words and it appears that Dennis Rodman’s rant did little more than share that he was in North Korea with other former NBA players and he didn’t like the way he was being interviewed on CNN. In fact the interview was so out of control some of the players in North Korea seemed uncomfortable to be part of the moment.

Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s analysis of Dennis Rodman’s speech. It’s hilarious and reminds us all how weird it is for the former NBA player to be in North Korea right now.

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