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Dennis Rodman reportedly now visiting North Korean ski resort

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Who knew Dennis Rodman even skied?

But apparently he does. And today he was whisked away on a helicopter to the multimillion-dollar Masik Pass ski resort that North Korea dictator Kim Jung reportedly has build in less than one year.

It is not yet known if Kim accompanied the 52-year-old Rodman to the ski resort, which is one of Kim's showcase projects.

The Swiss government called the ski resort a propaganda project when it blocked the sale of a ski lift last year to North Korea, because it thought it might breach United Nations sanctions on”"luxury” items.
Rodman's visit, his fourth since last February, has been controversial and drawn considerable criticism worldwide for the former NBA star.

On Thursday, Rodman apologized for his comments about Kenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen detained in North Korea.

At the exhibition basketball game Wednesday with many other former NBA players, Rodman sang Happy Birthday to Kim before his team met the North Korean opponents.

One NBA player, Eric "Sleepy" Floyd, left Pyongyang Thursday but made no comment at Beijing airport.
The U.S. has no diplomatic relations with North Korea, whose regime has threatened nuclear strikes against the USA.

Rodman noted that he had been “drinking” when he did the interview.

"It had been a very stressful day. Some of my teammates were leaving because of pressure from their families and business associates," Rodman said in an Associated Press story. "My dreams of basketball diplomacy were quickly falling apart. I had been drinking," and felt "overwhelmed" by the time of the interview, said Rodman.