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Dennis Rodman rehab: Star heads back to get help for alcohol abuse

Dennis Rodman
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

News came out today that Dennis Rodman is back in a rehab facility getting help for his alcohol abuse problems. On Jan. 18, TMZ shared the news that Rodman has been there for a few days but somehow his team was able to keep the news from breaking until now.

Dennis Rodman is best known as a basketball player, but he is also a reality TV star. He was on "Celebrity Rehab" to get help with his abuse problems before. He has also been in rehab back in 2008 and again in 2009, but clearly he wasn't able to stay clean.

When Dennis was on "The Celebrity Apprentice", he had some obvious abuse problems, but Donald Trump was still a fan and tried to give him a chance helping him through it all. Rodman just got back from a trip to North Korea and it sounds like soon after his arrival home he checked into a facility in New Jersey to get help with his alcohol abuse.

Are you shocked to hear that Dennis Rodman is back in rehab? Sound off in the comments.

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