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Dennis Rodman goes on incoherent rant on CNN about his trip to North Korea

As some of you may have heard, former NBA player and "Celebrity Apprentice," "Big Brother UK" and "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" star Dennis Rodman had what some may describe as a complete meltdown during a press live conference on CNN yesterday morning. Currently on his fourth trip to North Korea, Rodman, along with seven other ex-NBA players, joined Chris Cuomo, of CNN's "New Day," to speak about it. Rodman and the other ex-NBA players were invited there by North Korea leader/dictator, Kim Jong-un (who is apparently a big basketball fan) to play some exhibition games and teach North Korean basketball players a thing or two.

The eccentric ex-NBA star grew agitated when Chris Cuomo asked him if he intended to do what he could to talk Kim Jong-un into releasing Kenneth Bae, an American citizen who is currently being held captive in a North Korean prison for what Cuomo said where unspecified charges.

"Do you know what Kenneth Bae did? Do you understand what he did, in this country?" Rodman shot back, his tone aggressive and loud.

"What did he do?" asked Cuomo, "you tell me...they haven't released any charges."

Rodman then fired back with an incoherent rant, telling Cuomo, among other things, "I don't give a rat's ass what the hell you think!"

Ex-NBA star Chris Barnes also did some of the talking, and although he was more eloquent and polite than Rodman, he made it very clear he did not want to address any of the political concerns about North Korea. He firmly stressed that they are there for basketball, not politics and have no intention of getting involved in any sort of politics while there. "He is not here," said Barnes, pointing to Dennis, "and I am not here - none of these guys are here, to talk any sense into any politician...Do you really think the leaders are going to listen to what we have to say? And we're not here to do that. That's not what we're here to do. We're here, specifically, to put smiles on people's faces and ever-lasting memories in the minds of individuals and hopefully, with the good work that we do, we give to charity while we're please, don't continue to put politics into that, that's not what we're here for," he said.

Also present in the room with Rodman and the seven other ex-NBA players were several North Korean officials, who were not shown on camera. Keep in mind, since they are on North Korean soil, they are subject to their laws and can be detained at any time, for any reason and I can't imagine Barnes and Rodman entered the press conference without that in mind.

You can view the entire exchange in the video above.

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