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Dennis Rodman apologizes for CNN interview outburst

Dennis Rodman upset many during a CNN interview from North Korea.
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Dennis Rodman became visibly upset during a CNN interview conducted from North Korea where he is visiting. On January 9, CNN reports that the family of Kenneth Bae is very upset due to comments that Rodman made about Bae during the Tuesday interview.

Rodman took a crew of retired NBA basketball players to North Korea to play in an exhibition game for the birthday celebration of leader Kim Jong Un. Prior to the start of the game, Dennis Rodman even sang happy birthday to the despot.

Now Rodman is apologizing for his antics during the interview. According to the eccentric basketball star, he was upset and stressed out. He also admitted he had been drinking.

It is unclear why anyone would think it was wise to have too many drinks prior to a live CNN interview but Rodman isn't known for being clear-headed. He's either brave or crazy to have befriended Jong Un in the first place. Now he refers to the dictator as his "best friend." Apparently it only takes a few visits for Rodman to get so close to someone.

Many, including the family of Kenneth Bae, have criticized Rodman for not using his relationship with Kim Jong Un to aid in the release of Bae. So far, Rodman has resisted and on Tuesday he became irate over the prospect of asking for a favor.

This is Dennis Rodman's fourth trip to North Korea and so far his use of basketball to gain diplomacy has seen no results. The relationship between the United States and North Korea is still very tense. The United States government as well as the NBA itself have both distanced themselves from Rodman and made very clear that they have nothing to do with these trips.

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