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Dennis Rodman: Angers Bae's family, then sings 'Happy Birthday' to Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman, former basketball legend who has become known for his relationship with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, has stirred things up with his comments again. When being interviewed with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday, Rodman went somewhat out of control when he was asked about American captive Kenneth Bae, according to a CNN report on Wednesday, which resulted in a strong reaction by Kenneth Bae’s family.

Dennis Rodman in CNN interview that stirred controversy
CNN screenshot

On Tuesday, Rodman, 52, who is visiting North Korea for a fourth time now, reacted in an angry manner when CNN’s Cuomo asked him if he planned to ask North Korean leaders about Kenneth Bae – the United States citizen sentenced to a labor camp for 15 years because North Korea thinks he used religious activities to dismantle the government in that country.

Rodman’s reaction insinuated that Bae had done something wrong and deserved the punishment he was receiving. When pressed to explain what Bae had done wrong, Rodman remained angry but refused to explain his anti-Bae insinuation.

Rodman’s actual words to Cuomo were, “Do you understand what he did in this country?” That insinuation of wrongdoing on Rodman’s part was followed by severe criticism, including the criticism of Bae’s sister, Terri Chung. She said Rodman’s comments were outrageous and shocking.

Chung’s concern is that Rodman is not using his relationship with North Korea to help her brother – and now is making things worse. Her brother was a tour guide in North Korea when he was arrested in November of 2012, and she had hoped Rodman would request amnesty for Bae.

Rodman has repeatedly said he is not in the country for politics, simply for his basketball efforts. He also asserts that the nation’s leader is his friend.

On Wednesday, Kim Jong Un showed up to a basketball game where Dennis Rodman led the crowd in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to the nation’s leader. The adoring crowd rose to their feet and applauded their leader for some six minutes. .

Comments from Americans over Rodman's basketball tour to North Korea, his diehard friendship with Kim Jong Un, and his disturbing comments against Kenneth Bae include the notion that he should just stay in North Korea.

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