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Dennis Rodman: American Icon

The only game Dennis Rodman plays with any real skill these days is the American celebrity game. Dennis Rodman is chasing the title of American Icon and winning acclaim as an American clown. The CNN interview with Chris Cuomo speaking to Dennis Rodman and the other basketball players, who say their exhibition game in North Korea just happened to occur on the birthday of Rodman’s 'friend for life', the 31 year old leader Kim Jong Un, confirms what anyone who is paying attention already knows. Diplomacy and Dennis Rodman does not compute. Rodman just wants attention.

Even in his heyday as an NBA player, Rodman’s antics on and off the court was behavior that served his desperate need for attention. For fun and profit, Dennis Rodman is by design a repulsive example of a self absorbed ego maniac who just wants to be an American Icon. He proves more often to be an American clown. Rodman is all about keeping the spotlight on Dennis Rodman, not producing measurable results for anyone else.

When asked directly by CNN anchorman Chris Cuomo if the opportunity presented itself, would he, Rodman speak to North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un about the American Kenneth Bae who is being held in North Korea, Rodman could have commented with compassion or said he was sorry he so felt powerless to do anything.

Instead, Rodman went into a drunken or drug induced rant that began with him suggesting Kenneth Bae had possibly done something that warranted his arrest and subsequent imprisonment. The you tube video unfurls into watching the inebriated melt down of Dennis Rodman as Charles Smith tries to mop up the mess. The link is below.

Rodman embarrassed himself and all the former NBA players who joined him in this exhibition game. Their non- political agenda is their excuse for what appears to be an inhumane disregard for the needs of another American, who is unjustly imprisoned in North Korea.

Their position was continually repeated by veteran player Charles Smith, who tried to control the train wreck Rodman was creating throughout the interview.

Smith explains that they came to promote a cultural exchange and by accident they honored the North Korean leader on his birthday They were just there to play ball, Charles told the viewers. They are not into politics. The players wanted 'to put some smiles on people’s faces', he said by connecting people to basketball.

Imagine the smiles they would have received from the world over by helping or just attempting to help the Bae family.

In essence, their 'step and fetch it' agenda did not allow them the privilege of having a discussion about human rights.

When pressed on how they might contribute to the release of a fellow American, Kenneth Bae, the response from Charles Smith was to state that North Korean 'Politicians wouldn't listen to us. 'We’re doing what we do,' he said. All that was missing from him was the shuffling of his feet.

Cuomo asked if Rodman had considered the current events of human rights abuse by Kim Jung Un, including having his own uncle murdered and Charles Smith replied something about the atrocities all over the world. Smith chided Cuomo for baiting the basketball team into a political discussion again. They just want to bring smiles to faces not freedom to captives.

The North Korean leader Kim Jung Un thinks Dennis Rodman is an American Icon he can use. Today Rodman looks like an American clown.(apologies for insulting clowns) that is useless as an ambassador for human rights. Kim Jung Un is intentionally using the well known clown to flip off the American government and Dennis Rodman is so starved for attention that he is complicit in this traitorous assignment from this enemy of the American government.

It does nothing to improve race relations in Denver or anywhere in the United States when a well known American black man supports a dictator who has no regard for human rights, Dennis Rodman says he has a relationship with the dictator Kim Jung Un but refuses to offer assistance for a fellow American who seeks justice. Would it be different if it were a black man imprisoned in North Korea?

The charges against American Kenneth Bae are unclear but Rodman eluded there could be just cause to hold the American over the last year. Imagine what the Bae family must think of Dennis Rodman and the other black men who stood with him in silence.They just came to play ball. Could they wear arm bands for support of human rights?

All that is required for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. They just came to play ball.

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