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Dennis Quaid's new world order speech from the movie Pandorum

Much has been written about the “New World Order” from those proposing it to those opposing it. The basic concept is to bring humanity together under a one world government and a one world religion. The modus operandi is to bring it about via ordo ab chao / order out of chaos. That is, cause chaos, wait for the populace to clamor and then swoop in as the knights in shining armor to save the day.

Dennis Quaid's new world order speech from the movie Pandorum
Fair use, to illustrate article's context.

The concept of the Hegelian dialectic which proposes a three step pattern of 1) thesis, 2) antithesis and finally 3) synthesis. For example, if you are the power elite and want to impose total surveillance upon the hoi polloi then the best way it not to appear as oppressive dictators. Rather, you could do something like instill fear of attacks from without, often by allowing such attacks from within, so that the populace will beg for your help and finally, you can sell the idea that the best way to keep them safe is total surveillance. Thus, the 1) thesis is terrorism, the 2) antithesis is fearful reaction against terrorism and finally the 3) synthesis is total surveillance to keep us safe from terrorism. The synthesis is that the power elites get what they want and the populace gets what they want (or rather, what they were made to think that they need).

Well, such concepts make their way into “fiction” and surely do so for various reason. For example, some insider may push ideas into Hollywood so as to acquaint the masses with certain ideas so that they do not seem so shocking when they come about. Perhaps someone who opposes such elitist tactics manages to write their opposition into a script. Someone may also merely be telling stories based on their reading of conspiracy theories, etc., etc. and etc.

Pandorum is a 2009 AD movie, starring Dennis Quaid, corroborated upon by German and American companies. The story begins in 2174 AD when the Earth population has surpassed the ability to be sustained and humanity goes capoot.

Just before the end of humanity on Earth, an Earth-like planet named Tanis; which, in real life is a city in the north-eastern Nile delta of Egypt.

The story takes place upon a spaceship called Elysium; which, according to Greek mythology, is the home of the blessed after death. It is also the name of a 2013 AD Matt Damon, Jodie Foster movie about an overpopulated Earth which the elite leave so as to inhabit a technologically advanced space station called Elysium (it is really just a propaganda movie which attempts to sell the idea of universal healthcare).

The spaceship Elysium is stocked with 60,000 humans and genetic specimens of all of Earths organisms, plant life, etc. within the movie it is said that the spaceship “truly is Noah's Ark.” The trip was to last 123 years with the crew waking up from suspended animation in shifts. Well, something went wrong, terribly wrong (que creepy music).

The last communication from Earth is:

Recording: You're all that's left of us.

Good luck.

God bless.

And Godspeed.

Upon awakening from suspended animation the crew experiences various forms of amnesia; from short term about something to long term about others. One crew member awakens to find a ship infested by monstrous humanoid creatures who possess incredible strength and a cannibalistic—not a good combo.

There are also a few individual crew members who have woken up during different times and are desperate to survive. At one point, three such crew members join forces and enter the fortified abode of a another named Leland who is quite loopy due to sustained terror and solitary confinement due to hiding out.

It is he who explains much of what occurred and also lets much of the movie’s worldview out of the bag. This part of the script begins when he is asked, “How long have you been awake?”:

Let me see-what's today?

Tuesday, so I have no idea.

Ah, well, let's eat, shall we?

It's kosher.

I'm a cook, you know.

Says so right here on my tattoo [the crew have tattoos on their forearms which state their title so that they have a clue as to what to do when they wake up under amnesia].

Is that safe?

Compared to what?

Those things out there,

They now begin to discuss how the creatures came about:

could it have been something that crawled out of your tank or lab or something?

No, that's not possible.

Then it's some kind of life form that got onboard.

Or something.

Or something that was already onboard with us in the hyperbunks.

What do you mean?

I believe it's the accelerator.

The synthetic enzyme in our feeding tubes that would help our bodies adjust and adapt to the environmental conditions on Tanis.

From what I've seen, these things have adapted to the ship instead.

So you're saying that they're passengers who have mutated?

That stuff in our blood is supposed to jump-start evolution.

Well, why would they be affected and we're not?

Maybe they've been awake much longer than we think.

Indeed, unbeknownst to them; the trip has lasted 923 years giving the humans plenty of time to evolve into super strong cannibalistic monsters.

Leland asks, “You don't know what happened to us?” and is asked, “You do?” to which he says, “Oh, I've been around for a while. I know what I've seen.” In the meantime, they realize that he has put a sedative into their food:

What do you think you're doing? What is that?

It's just a sedative to help you relax.

Then you take it and relax.

Do you know the symptoms of pandorum?


Orbital dysfunctional syndrome.


I've seen it before.

Ever witness the symptoms firsthand?

It's not something you can easily detect.

It starts with a shiver, an itch, a slow boil-the biological side effects of flying deep space feeding into paranoia.

And the paranoid brain feeding the side effects. A downward spiral. A descent into madness. There is no shutting off the heat no matter what you do. It'll boil over.

Leland goes into an inventive story telling manner whereby to relate that which he knows:

Boom [as in the sound on the spaceship launching]. Oh, how the whole world cheered to the thunder of

earth's mightiest creation-Elysium. One small spark to ignite the heavens for the heroes to venture farther and farther than any of mankind's machines. And we slept. We slept a slumber so deep that no one had dared before as three little Indians were left to mind the store…

Until we got the transmission…Mother Earth's final call. All God's creation ending with mere words of encouragement…Poof. Wiped away. We ran a full sweep of the grid and they were gone. One day there, the next nothing…My fellow crew members didn't take the news too well. I wanted to wake the primary crew, but my 2nd lieutenant was already over the edge.

He then, again references three Indians which is his way of referencing the three top leaders in change of Elysium when they found out that the Earth was gone:

Three little Indians with the burden to bear. No more law. Nothing left to care. Just three little souls whose

destiny had become undone because there was chop chop chop chop then there was only one. One little Indian left. They were my commanding officers, men who had guided me through FT. But it wasn't them anymore. They were gone. I had no choice….One little Indian left, alone with all his doom. He refuses to go to bed, so what does he do? He decides to stay up and play in his room. What nasty little games he would play with his slumbering prey. He was slayer, he was master. He was both God and the devil.

So, thus far, with humanity as we know it gone the relates that there is no low and the crewman in charge was the God and the devil—no distinction but a Hegelian combination, a synthesis of sorts.

He continues:

…a self-proclaimed king. Master of his own vessel. Home to his own sin. He just cast out all who had behaved. Just exiled to the cargo hold to fend amongst themselves and scavenge, feeding off their own. Evil grew. The king no longer wanted to play. So he returned to his bed of slumber. And while the king slept, a whole new world of evil grew as we wept.

So, he God/devil sent the rest of the crew into a holding area where they resorted to feeding on each other. Meanwhile, he went back into suspended animation and awakened almost a millennia later along with the aforementioned crew member who awakens at the beginning of the movie.

Some may be aware of the concept of trauma based mind control whereby trauma is inflicted upon a person because the mind naturally builds amnesia walls around trauma so that a person can go about their day and not be constantly barraged by the anxiety of trauma. Mind control programmers take advantage of this by inflicting trauma and building up a sub, alter or dissociative personality which is given certain instructions. Due to the naturally occurring amnesia these personalities and instructions are locked away in a person’s mind and may be called up by a preset pass word or code.

The movie plays into this with its concept of pandorum as the dialogue continues and the issue of being cannibalized by Leland is discussed again as they find themselves coming to and handing upside down as he intends to slaughter them for his food:

It starts with a shiver, an itch. We all know pandorum is greatly affected by any substantial psychological trauma. It has an emotional trigger effect.

What are you doing?

He's gonna ******* eat us.

It's not personal, guys. It's just survival of the fittest. Or maybe it's the brightest. You understand what I'm saying?...I wouldn't have survived this long if I had a heart. You know, a strange thing, the survival instinct. I mean, there's nothing really left to live for.

Don't be ******* stupid. I can save the ******* ship.

Question is, what would be more stupid? Trusting the ship will hold to see another day when it's kept me alive for all these years? Or trusting somebody who's desperate enough to say anything just when I'm about to carve a steak out of his girlfriend?

Listen to the ship.

What about the ship?

The power surges-the reactor is in its final stage. We have less time than I thought.

The point comes across that with humanity, human morality, gone there is nothing but nurturing he survival instinct even to the tune of turning to cannibalism as it is survival of the fittest or brightest. Leland begins to realize that his life will soon end if the spaceship’s reactor goes out and one of his potential meals hanging there like meat tells him:

Hey, listen. Hey, I get it.

What? You get what?

You did what you had to do. You made it. No one's gonna judge you. No one's gonna judge you. You are a survivor.

Now comes the great New World Order speech as the one little Indian who was left and awakens again is speaking to the engineer who talks Leland into joining up so as to get to the reactor and reset it—reboot!

The little Indian, the crew member who ousted the others to fend for themselves, states, “I was younger than you when I first came onboard. Funny, I can't even remember what life was like before this flight began. It's all I have.”

The reply is, “You're the one who received the final transmission. You stayed awake. You broke the rotation. You killed your crew…Where are we?”

He little Indian replies, “Go ahead, take a peek. You tell me” and opens up the portals of the spaceship’s bridge the windows through which nothing can be see but black; not even stars. The dialogue between them continues as follows:

What have you done with us?

You don't get it, kid.

There's no one left to judge.

Where are the stars? Oh my God.

God? You think God survived? He's dead along with the rest of humanity. There's no law or order, no good or evil. Just us. And you think you're going to be the one to judge me?...Just imagine just for a minute, imagine yourself without the chains of your morality. You'd even surprise yourself. It's the ultimate freedom.

No. This isn't freedom. This is pandorum.

Oh, pandorum. Pandorum isn't what they warned us about. I know it's frightening at first, terrifying in fact. Isn't that what you're feeling right now, terrible fear? Let go and on the other side of it is divine clarity. Purity.


Shut up. What's out there?

You are resisting what is. You have to let go of your petty concept of reality. That's just baggage from the old world. And we both know that didn't work out very well now, did it? They ****** up our planet. Life eats life. And all that's left is what is. This ship is a seed from which we can create a new world.

Shut up. What's out there?

A new world. A natural state. Raw, beautiful...

What do you see?


I am offering you the kingdom. And all that's holding you back is your own fear. Still the Boy Scout, huh, kid?

There will always be law and you will pay for what you've done. Even if that means I have to pull the sick out of you.

What finally happens is that they can see odd sea-like creatures outside of the spaceship’s window now and it turns out that they the ship crash landed and sunk to the depths of the ocean on Tanis. Well, the engineer and his “girlfriend” make it off the ship, the little Indian dies and as they reach the surface in escape pods many other pods begin popping up so that the remaining crew, in suspended animation, will live.

So, it all come together in this final speech as with humanity as we knew it gone, God is gone (for whatever reason) and with God gone then morality, law, good and evil are gone and there is no one left to be the ultimate transcendent judge.

There are references to overcoming the human condition, such as overcoming fear (key points in both movies such as the mystic alchemist Will Smith’s After Earth and Star Wars—learn about Smith’s occultism here and Star Wars’ occultism here). This is so as to attain “the ultimate freedom…divine clarity. Purity. Enlightenment.” Also gone are outdated concepts of reality as “That's just baggage from the old world” and led to the destruction of humanity. This is precisely the way to argue in favor of a one world government and religion; just look at the problems that divided governments and religions have caused. In fact, this is also the exact same tactic used by supposed aliens as I outlined in the article Extra-terrestrial alien messages – how, what and how.

Thus, out of the utter chaos of having reality itself done away with, we can “create a new world…A natural state….the kingdom.” This also plays on themes expounded by Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of the ubermensch, the super-man who would go beyond good and evil as well as his concept of the death of God—for details on this, see The Mad Pagan Skeptic.


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