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Dennis Mcguire death row: Joy Stewart's murderer will be executed tomorrow

A judge says Dennis Mcguire can be executed tomorrow
A judge says Dennis Mcguire can be executed tomorrow
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The Christian Post is reporting today that a Federal judge has ruled that Dennis Mcguire can be put to death tomorrow with a new drug combination that Mcguire's lawyers feel will cause too much pain.

Dennis Mcguire, 53, is an American male who is currently on death row for the rape and murder of an Alexandria woman in Ohio. According to police, Dennis Mcguire raped and murdered Joy Stewart, 22, in 1989. He was convicted of kidnap, rape and murder in 1994. Dennis Mcguire is currently awaiting execution.

Key Points in the Dennis Mcguire-Joy Stewart case

The murder of Joy Stewart, a Preble County woman, did not make national headlines when the murder first occurred in 1989.

A new drug cocktail will be administered to Dennis Mcguire in the form of a lethal injection. Mcguire and his attorneys feel that the drugs are inhumane because of the excruciating effects of the drug.

According to the Daily Mail, the combination of the sedative midozolam and the painkiller hydropmorphone could lead to a painful death. Specifically, the effects of those two drugs should cause "air hunger," which produces an out-of-breath sensation similar to suffocation. It is clinically referred to as dyspnea.

Joy Stewart murder details

According to court records, Joy Stewart, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was last seen getting into a vehicle with Dennis Mcguire. Her dead body was discovered in a remote area of woods the next day. The coroner's report states that the victim was raped and stabbed.

2014: Today's update in the case of Dennis Mcguire

A judge has ruled that the lethal injection combination is not inhumane. Dennis Mcguire is scheduled for execution on January 16.

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