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OO7 lookalike Dennis Keogh celebrates Sir Sean's birthday in Las Vegas (Photos)

On Aug. 25, 2013, celebrity tribute artist Dennis Keogh (prounounced 'key o') gave an interview on what it is like to look and sometimes "be" Sean Connery. Keogh is currently in Las Vegas celebrating Sir Sean's 83rd birthday!

Dennis Keogh as Sean Connery with Bond Girls
Dennis Keogh as Sean Connery with Bond Girls
Dennis Keogh as Sean Connery
Dennis Keogh as Sean Connery Photo: Courtesy

Dennis Keogh, who resides in Phoenix, Ariz., is a professional celebrity lookalike who has had to learn every move, look, wardrobe, mannerism and voice exactly as that of Sean Connery.

Keogh says he has looked like Connery for over 20 years, but has not been a celeb lookalike the entire time. Before being a professional lookalike he was a lineman.

"When people ask what I did before 'being' Sean Connery I joke and tell them I always looked like this, but my past work was being a lineman.

Once on the job I was hit with high voltage, so the phrase 'You only live twice.' really means something to me."

Now that you are not a lineman anymore do you work as a Sean Connery lookalike full time?

"Yes I do. I get hired to appear at corporate parties, OO7 theme party's, car auctions, casino parties, parades, grand openings, and more.

I have also worked as a model and with the models for fashion shows, car ads, cigar commercials, print ads, voiceovers, radio and TV Jewelry shows with 'Diamonds are forever' themed trade shows."

Turns out Dennis Keogh has met celebs himself and has also walked the Red Carpet.

"I have worked with the real Ozzie Osbourne and Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. I have been a part of Red Carpet events, award dinners, Super Bowl parties, weddings, walking the bride down the aisle or perhaps as Bond driving them in a limo to the church or reception.

Traveling must be part of the work you do as a celebrity lookalike.

"Yes, I have been Bond from Canada to the Caribbean and from New York to Mexico. I will travel anywhere in the world as Bond. I had a request to go to Amann, Jordan, but the gig fell through at the last minute."

One can tell you really like this "work," if you can call it work!

"I love being Sean Connery and how people are constantly stopping me for a photo thinking I am him. I pay tribute to him in a respectful and professional manner having studied his life for some 22 years.

I have worked on the voice, mannerism and swagger of Connery as Bond for endless hours. The most important thing for me is all the people I have met in this profession. I am a people person anyway, but I was born to entertain. Actually I have a series of firmed gigs coming up that are in Hollywood, Vegas and Reno!"

Thank you Dennis Keogh for sharing about your experiences as a Sean Connery lookalike. It is nice to see how this kind of life has opened many doors for you, especially that of meeting some real Bond Girls! (see video)

Continue to have fun celebrating Sean Connery's birthday. Too bad Sir Sean is not there with you, or is he?

Enjoy clip of Dennis Keogh being interviewed. Fans can follow this OO7 lookalike at and on Facebook.

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