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Denise Richards adopted a baby

No, she did not adopt Jasmine
No, she did not adopt Jasmine

No one steals headlines from Denise Richards! While her ex, Charlie Sheen, continues to make people feel awkward by insisting on completely coming apart in the public eye, Richards is bringing more kids into this. A rep for the actress confirmed that Richards added a third little girl to her family, Eloise Joni Richards. She is named for Denise's late mother.

Richards went to Twitter to thank fans for their messages of support, declaring, "The girls and I are over the moon and so is my dad Grandpa Irv...xo.”

What does 'over-the-moon' mean, anyway, and haven't we all concluded it's a really corny, empty statement? Whatever, hopefully this little girl will be spared the craziness of her two parents that her older sisters are constantly subjected to. Incidentally, her Twitter is reallllly boring.