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Deniece Cornejo denies oral sex with Vhong Navarro week before beating

Vhong Navaro case: Deniece Cornejo denies performing oral sex on Navarro.
Vhong Navaro case: Deniece Cornejo denies performing oral sex on Navarro.

The Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo relationship is at best wish-washy in the news today. Navarro claims they had a sexual relationship and Cornejo reports this is not true, according to the ABS-CBN News on Jan. 30. Cornejo is claiming that the two never had a relationship, but Navarro sees that differently.

Five days before the night that Cornejo claims Navarro attempted to rape her the two got together. Navarro reports that Cornejo performed oral sex on him when the two met at her condo, which was Jan. 17.

Vhong Navarro's rape accusers under 'be on the lookout' order from DOJ

Cornejo denies this claim, but Navarro has given a sworn affidavit to the National Bureau of Investigation stating this as fact. The statement says that Navarro met Cornejo in her Forbeswood Heights on that night.

The actor’s statement read:

"After consuming one bottle of white wine, they made out and it led to oral sex where Cornejo repeatedly inserted her mouth the private part of [Navarro]."

The affidavit went on to explain where the two first met, which was in a shoe store two years ago, and from there they “developed a friendship” on Facebook. They fell out of touch but two months ago they communicated once again on the social network and the two decided to meet up. The first time they got together was the night of Jan. 17, which Navarro refered to as their “first date.”

Vhong Navarro death threats: Probe of police actions on night Navarro beaten

With Cornejo’s claim that Navarro tried to rape her on the night of Jan. 22, the second time they hooked up, not founded by the NBI, it may be hard to believe what else she has reported. The complaint that Cornejo filed at the police station the night that Navarro was beaten said that Navarro tried to force her to do oral sex and laid on top of her and tried to rape her. It was then Cedric Lee and friends came into her condo and saved her, according to Cornejo's statement.

Vhong Navarro on video: Didn't have time for Deniece Cornejo's version says NBI

That claim was already shot-down by the evidence on the CCTV footage that shows Navarro and Cornejo alone for less than two minutes. It also shows Lee walking in with Cornejo, not in on Cornejo being raped.

Cornejo’s claims of attempted rape were unfounded and Navarro has filed criminal charges against Cornejo, Lee and six others who were there the night of the 22 and who tied him up, beat him and then dragged him to the local police station.

The charges filed against the seven people there that night are: serious physical injuries, grave threat, grave coercion, unlawful arrest, blackmail, and serious illegal detention. The last offense is not allowed bail.

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